Why I Volunteer at PRCCO

I volunteer because I understand.

I Volunteer Because I Understand

Do you ever wonder who you might encounter when you walk through the doors at the Pregnancy Resource Centers of Central Oregon (PRCCO)?  Here’s what one of our volunteers had to say about why they give their time.

I remember when I was in college, I had an unplanned pregnancy. I lived away from my family and didn’t have many friends.  Planned Parenthood was near the college so I chose to have an abortion. Looking back, I wish I could have talked to someone first.  I volunteer at PRCCO because I want to let girls know that I have been in their shoes and have faced the difficult decisions.  I want them to know if will be ok and that they have somewhere safe to go and someone to talk to. – Stephanie


We don’t judge, we don’t manipulate, and we will never force you into a decision you aren’t comfortable making. Our staff is available to listen and to help answer your questions. We are here for you, no matter what the circumstances.