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Learn 2 Earn

Parenting has its challenges and we want you to succeed.  Many of our clients are working, going to school or staying at home with their families.  We have made education easy and accessible for you so you can acquire a wide variety of parenting skills to help you along the way.  Learn 2 Earn is a video based pregnancy and parenting education program.  Short online programs are sent to you by text or email and you can watch them from home, on your lunch break or in between classes.  It’s simple and you automatically earn “parenting points” each time you participate in a lesson. The mother of the baby and the father of the baby can participate together or on their own.  For every video you watch, you will earn parenting points that you can redeem in our boutique for diapers, baby wipes, strollers. infant bathtubs, maternity clothing, baby clothes, blankets and so much more.  

As an added incentive, clients who successfully watch 10 parenting videos, complete the corresponding worksheet and discuss lessons with an advocate will be eligible for a free carseat.

The Learn 2 Earn Educational program is designed to help answer your questions. 

If this is your first time caring for a baby, you will undoubtably have lots of questions. 

  • Is he sleeping enough? 

  • Is she eating enough? 

  • Is her car-seat properly installed? 

  • How can I afford clothes and diapers when he grows so fast?

  • What is it like to give birth?

  • How will I know if my baby is breastfeeding correctly?

  • I can’t understand why my baby cries all the time.

To help answer all your questions (and the ones you didn’t even think about), we have teamed with Brightcourse to provide you with the most up-to-date information presented in short video segments for you to watch on your phone, during a lunch break or even during a late night feeding. 

Here is what you can expect…
  • You will receive links to one or two online videos per week.

  • After watching the videos, make an online appointment to discuss what you learned (in person or by phone).

  • Parenting points will be given to you (in person) or kept for you to pick up when you visit the Center.

  • Spend your points the same day for items you may need, or save them for larger items.

  • Don’t forget…Dads are welcome to attend and learn the skills needed to become a better parent.

Learn 2 Earn is an education-based system for earning material items for your child. This program offers lessons applicable to your stage of pregnancy through the child’s first two years to help you gain confidence and understanding. Participating in Learn 2 Earn rewards you with incentive points that can be redeemed for material items. This program is available FREE OF CHARGE