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We have been serving Central Oregon for over 25 years. All of our services are free and we don’t take insurance or any type of payment.  We are here to serve YOU and offer honest and compassionate care.  Whether your pregnancy is planned or unplanned, we can help.  

Free Services For You

Our trained staff can provide a free, confidential, medical-grade, urine, pregnancy test to confirm if you are pregnant. Pregnancy tests are performed any day we are open in all of our center locations. We encourage you to make an appointment, but walk-ins are always welcome, and of course there is no cost to you. Learn more about pregnancy testing.

A free ultrasound exam can be provided once we have verified your pregnancy.  You can provide proof of pregnancy from a medical doctor or request a free test from our office.  Ultrasound exams must be scheduled in advance, and are typically not provided by same-day appointments.  Exams are free, and are performed by a nurse trained in limited OB sonography. 

The primary purpose of a limited ultrasound is to provide confirmation of pregnancy, to determine how far along the pregnancy is (dating), and if the pregnancy is viable. Of course our nurses love to provide lots of photos too! Learn more about ultrasound services.

Proper Nutrition is important for mom and baby throughout pregnancy.  We offer a 6 month supply of free prenatal vitamins to our clients to ensure they have access to the vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, contact our office and make an appointment for a consultation and request a bottle of free vitamins.

Have you thought the timing was off and wanted to figure out if you could really be pregnant? If so, you’re not alone.  One of our most popular web tools is the Pregnancy Calculator. 

If you know the first day of your last menstrual period and you know the approximate length of your menstrual cycles each month, plug the information into the pregnancy calculator and get the answers you are looking for. Use the pregnancy calculator to understand if you could be pregnant.

Whether a pregnancy is planned or unplanned, the man plays an important role in the decision of whether or not to parent a child. Regardless of your relationship in the future, both parents should be involved in making the best possible decision for the current situation.  As the father of the baby, your opinion is important and your thoughts do matter.

Read more about the Fatherhood Coaching Program.

We realize that raising a child can be financially difficult.  In fact, many of our clients are already experiencing financial strain and the thought of having a child to support can seem overwhelming.  We understand and we can help.  We have beautiful, clean boutiques in all of our Centers where you have access to diapers, baby wipes formula, baby food and many of the clothing and supply items you will need.  Find out more…

This 5-week, in-person, childbirth education class will prepare you and your support partner for the birthing experience.  By participating in the class you will learn the process of birth and understand the decisions and options you need to make to have the healthiest and most positive labor and delivery experience.  

Register and find out more.

The Pregnancy Resource Center understands that the decisions surrounding a pregnancy can lead to a wide range of emotions. If you suspect that you might be pregnant, or even if you’ve had a positive pregnancy test, you may be needing answers and feeling pressure to make a decision quickly. We are here to assist you throughout your decision making process. Our client advocates are trained to provide support and resources to help you in your current circumstance.   Make an appointment to talk to a consultant   |   Find out about your options  

It is important to understand how the abortion pill works and if it is the right choice in your situation.  We can help you determine if you have a viable pregnancy, and with an ultrasound determine the gestational age.  This critical information can assist you in determining your next steps.  We do not perform or refer for abortion pills, but can assist you in understanding your options.   Make an appointment to talk to a consultant   |   Find out about your options  

Parenting trends and best practices seem to be changing faster than most women can keep up. 

  • How do I put baby to sleep? 
  • Am I supposed to feel this way when I’m pregnant?
  • Should I vaccinate my baby?
  • Have I installed my carseat correctly?

Luckily, we have partnered with Brightcourse to provide current educational videos for you to watch from your phone or smart-device.  These resources make up our Learn2Earn program that helps you to be the best parent you can be, while earning points for maternity and baby supplies. Read more about becoming a parent.

We encourage every expectant mother to join our Learn 2 Earn Educational program.  By watching short videos, you can earn parenting points to spend in our boutique.  Each Center has a rotating stock of baby and maternity clothes along with furniture, strollers, toys, bathtubs, shoes, books, blankets and more.  

If you are in need of resources that we don’t provide we can provide information for available Central Oregon services including physician, nursing, counseling, housing, adoption and parenting support.

Miscarriage, SIDS, abortion, fetal demise or any other type of pregnancy loss is difficult to navigate. We are here to provide a safe place to talk and express the emotions you are feeling. Many of our consultants understand what you are feeling and have had similar experiences.  We are here to encourage, support and listen to you while you process your loss or grief.  Read more about how we can help you as you walk through any type of pregnancy loss.