Are you thinking about having an abortion?

Considering Abortion or Abortion Pills?

If you’re considering an abortion, you are not alone. Many of our our volunteers and trained staff members have experienced unplanned pregnancies and understand how you are feeling at this very moment. We are here to walk beside you (without judgement, without criticism and without shame) during this difficult time in your life.

What’s the first question you should understand?

If you suspect you are pregnant you need to confirm your pregnancy and gauge how far along you are. We can perform a free pregnancy test in our office.  You simply need to walk in, call or make an appointment online. 

If you are interested, we can also offer you a free ultrasound. Depending on how far along you are, this appointment may be done on the same day or be scheduled in the future. Having an ultrasound will help you make a better and more informed decision regarding your pregnancy.

Here are a few questions you might be asking.
  • What is an abortion?  Are there risks?  Is it legal  Abortion is a medical procedure designed to end a pregnancy early by removing the fetus (or embryo) from your womb (or uterus). In most cases, the procedure is elective, meaning you’re choosing to have a medical procedure performed on your body. An abortion can be performed surgically or with strong medication. Both have costs, risks and often involve more than an office visit. Abortion is legal in the state of Oregon and there are no laws in Oregon that specifically say that a minor seeking an abortion must have parental consent. If anyone presents any of your options as easy, cheap and quick be cautious! 
  • What  types of abortions are available for me and how much will it cost?  What type of abortion you will be offered will depend on how far along you are in your pregnancy. This can best be determined with an ultrasound.  Costs and requirements for each type of procedure vary depending upon the clinic you visit.
    • A surgical abortion can cost up to $1,500, is performed by a medical doctor, and requires a pregnancy test and a physical examination.
    • A medication abortion can cost up to $900, requires a pregnancy test and physical examination, and is performed during several office visits while taking medication under the supervision of the doctor.
    • The abortion pill (RU-486) is  actually two separate pills, taken approximately 48 hours apart. Mifepristone blocks the hormone, progesterone, causing the lining of the uterus to break down, making it unable to sustain the fetus. Misoprostol, given two days after Mifepristone, causes cramping and significant bleeding. So then, the uterine lining and the fetus expel themselves. The FDA has approved RU486 for usage within 10 weeks (70 days) after the first day of last menstrual period.  The abortion pill is often purchased online.  The sale of this medication is often unregulated and can cause additional risks.
  • What happens  to my body after an abortion?  What happens to a woman’s body after an abortion is often misunderstood.  Some women have no after effects, others experience a whirlwind of physical and emotional changes.  Read more…
  • Thinking about having an abortion makes me sad.  The emotional pain is unique for each person, but the hurt is real. Reminders of a past abortion pain often arrive unexpectedly, activating a deep and forgotten hurt.  If you are sad or confused about having an abortion we are here for you. No judgement, no condemnation, just a friend who has been where you are can walk you through. Read more…
  • I’m feeling pressured to have an abortion.   If you feel like someone (boyfriend, parents, friends) is pressuring you to have an abortion or make a choice that you disagree with, don’t give up.  You have the final say in your decision and no woman should ever feel as if she is being manipulated to do something or make a choice she does not fully agree with.
  • I just can’t tell my parents I am pregnant. I would rather have an abortion so they will never know.  Breaking the news of an unplanned pregnancy is hard. You can spend time thinking about how to say it, when to say it or choosing the best words so your parents will react in your favor, but the words are never easy to get out. Think about how you felt when you first entertained the idea you might be pregnant. Shock, fear, disappointment, anger, sadness, frustration might be a few of the emotions you felt. When you tell others it’s likely that they will have those feelings too. Contact us and we can help you find the right words.
  • I feel like I am the only one who has had to make this type of decision.  Many other women have walked in your shoes. But without a doubt, most will say it was the most difficult decision they have ever made in their lives.  Read the stories of women like you.   It will give you something to think about and answer a few more of your questions.
  • I don’t feel like I have any other options.  Every woman has three (and only three) choices when she finds out she is pregnant. She can:
    • Keep the baby and become a parent
    • Make an adoptions plan
    • Have an abortion
You are not alone

We will talk with you about all of your options and provide honest, truthful answers to all of your questions. There is no easy answer for a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy, but thoughtful conversations and time often provide the best answers. Hasty decisions can lead to unintended outcomes, so we encourage women to really think about their choices. We can provide helpful tools, reading material and information to assist in making the choice.

What do I do next?
  • Inform yourself of your options and begin thinking about your pregnancy and your future.
  • Confirm your pregnancy with a free and confidential pregnancy test in our office.
  • Schedule a free ultrasound so you can determine how far along you are and if the pregnancy is viable.

After that, the decision is yours, but we are here to help. Find out more about our other services.