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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  All of our services are free.  We do not take any form of payment and will never ask about, require or bill insurance.  We are funded by private donors.  Rest assured, we will never solicit or ask our clients for any type of payment or donation. 

When considering the abortion pill, it is important that you have all the information you need to safely utilize this medication.  We provide abortion pill consultation services which include: 

  • A free pregnancy test, to ensure you are pregnant.
  • Assistance in understanding and calculating how far along you are in your pregnancy.
  • Free Ultrasound exam to ensure the fetus is viable and is located where it should be in the uterus.

We want you to be fully aware of what will happen during a typical 45-60 minute consultation or pregnancy test appointment. When you enter any one of the Pregnancy Resource Centers, you will be greeted by friendly and caring staff.  When you arrive you will be asked for a copy of your photo ID and will need to complete some paperwork telling us about yourself, your reproductive history and your possible pregnancy. You will be joined in a room by your consultant and they will ask you about your relationship and your pregnancy. They will talk with you about all your options (pregnancy, adoption and abortion) and will provide you with a urine pregnancy test to complete at the center. After you receive the results we will offer you additional services if needed. As your appointment concludes, your consultant may ask if they can pray for you. We offer prayer because we believe in it. Feel free to say yes or no, it’s ok. We encourage you to bring the father of the baby or a friend with you to the appointment.

We want to be fully transparent about who we are. Yes, some would consider us a pro-life center if you want to categorize us in political terms.  The truth is, we value every human life including mom, dad and baby. It is important to us that you are informed about your options and will talk to you truthfully about them. We will never pressure you into making any decision, but will treat you with the respect and kindness you deserve. Many of our consultants have experienced abortion and unplanned pregnancies, so they know what you are going through. We have been serving Central Oregon for over 25 years and have wisdom and experience in helping women work through the tough emotions that come with an unplanned pregnancy.

We don’t distribute the morning after pill, but would welcome the opportunity to talk with you and offer you a free pregnancy test. Our goal is to ensure that you are healthy and well informed. We will never coerce you or pressure you into making any decision. It’s not our style.

We are a pregnancy center and our focus is helping women (and men) understand and deal with their unplanned pregnancies. We do not give out birth control or condoms as its not part of our scope of services.

We love to give back to our communities and we attempt to hold a free clothing give-away twice a year. It’s our opportunity to open our doors and clear out our surplus inventory. We give away free baby and maternity clothing and supplies. If you get there early you might find strollers, baby seats and more. Find our more here.

No. We understand why you might be asking that question as we are a pro-life organization. But the truth is we will never coerce or pressure you into making any decision. We believe you are responsible for making the best choice for your life and your circumstance and want to make sure you have all the information you need before making a choice. We are a safe, honest place where women (and men) are encouraged to come first. We can help you sort through your emotions and answer your questions without feeling judged, shamed or condemned. It’s hard enough facing an unplanned pregnancy and we are only here to help and listen. Thats why we offer all of our services for free so you won’t have any additional worries. Give us 1 hour of your day and it will be the best decision you ever made.

Absolutely. If you are looking to place a child for adoption we act as a resourcing agent. Our centers do not specialize in adoption procedures but we know some great people who do. Make an appointment to talk with us and we can help you begin exploring adoption. Note: We do not assist parents who are looking to adopt a child.

If you need an ultrasound our criteria states we offer them as early as 6 weeks. If you are looking for an ultrasound, we require a pre-ultrasound screening. We will need proof of pregnancy with an official Verification of Pregnancy from a doctor or clinic, or we can provide you with a free urine pregnancy test. Once the pregnancy has been verified, you will meet with a nurse or consultant to ensure you meet our criteria. The process is simple and most women easily qualify. After your screening, you will be scheduled to come back for your free ultrasound. Because we want to ensure the health of your baby it is our policy that we do not offer repeat ultrasounds, other than at the discretion of a nurse. In other words, if you have already had an ultrasound for this pregnancy, you will need to see your doctor for a second scan.

We offer free medical grade URINE pregnancy testing, performed in our office.

Yes. We abide by and uphold all PHI  (Personal Health Information) standards. Everything you share will be kept confidential.

Because we get asked this question a lot, we have a great resource page to help you sort through this information. You can find it here. The basic answer that we give to our clients is: No, we would not suggest using marijuana while pregnant.” According to the Oregon Health Authority’s Scientific Advisory Committee, “There is no known safe amount of marijuana use during pregnancy (smoking, vaping, eating, etc…).”