Mom & Baby Supplies

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Mom & Baby Supplies

We realize that raising a child can be financially difficult.  In fact, many of our clients are already experiencing financial strain and the thought of having a child to support can seem overwhelming.  We understand and we can help.  We have beautiful, clean boutiques in all of our Centers where you have access to many of the clothing and supply items you will need.

What’s the catch?

Our goal is to prepare you to become a successful parent. We want you to understand how to support your child emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  By participating in our Learn 2 Earn program, you will earn Parenting Points that you can spend in the Boutique.  We are generous and want you to be encouraged to learn.  For every video you watch you can earn enough points for 10 diapers or 5 outfits.  It’s simple.  

Imagine… If you and the father of the baby watched videos together, you could collect enough diapers, wipes and clothing to get your through the first 6 months or a year of your babies life!

Are the items new?  Where do you get them?

Most of the items in our boutique are either donated, hand-made or gently used.  We have lots of diapers, baby wipes and formula that is brand new and donated to us.  We have a large selection of baby blankets, burp clothes and floor quilts that have been knitted and stitched with love from people in our community.  Most of the clothing (baby and maternity) is gently used, but still in great condition.  We often have strollers, baby bathtubs, bouncy seats, diaper bags, swaddling cloths, and a variety of other items.  If you let your client advocate know what you are looking for, they can be on the look-out for items you might need.

What do I do next?
If you need baby supplies, stop by our office and we can show you around the boutique and will explain our Learn 2 Earn program.  If it’s easier, make an appointment online and we can get you signed up that way.  Either way, we are anxious to help you earn the needed supplies for yourself and your baby.

For some of our clients and other expectant moms, you may not have time to participate in an educational program.  Check out our “Blessed” clothing give away event where we give away clothing free to anyone who needs it once or twice a year.