Finding Hope After a Loss

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Pregnancy Loss Support

Pregnancy Loss of any kind is a devastating and heartbreaking moment in a woman’s life.  After the loss of a baby, many people find themselves alone and isolated during one of the most difficult experiences they will ever face.  

  • Some women experience feelings of loss and regret after an abortion.
  • After a miscarriage, many women find themselves grieving in a doctor’s office with no one to share in their grief.
  • When a child is lost shortly before, during or after their due date parents are left to manage their grief and sorrow on their own. 

In many of these incidences, women are told, “Don’t worry, you can try again” or “It wasn’t your fault, it just happens”.  Words often spoken as a way to comfort, but never able to reach the deep ache in her heart.

We are here to help

It is with a depth of compassion and a heart of love that we want to extend our services to men and women experiencing any type of pregnancy loss.  We believe the loss of a baby is something no mother or father should experience alone.  Grief is heavy and can effect individuals at different times and in different ways.  We offer a variety of ways for you to begin your journey of grief, healing and hope.

Our goal is that you find healing and hope and that your baby will always be remembered.  Start by sending us a confidential email and we will attempt to connect you with someone to talk with.

pregnancy & infant loss remembrance


On this special evening we will bring a voice to the silent grief, by remembering our babies together.If you have experienced any type of pregnancy loss, we invite you to come and be Seen. 

  • Saturday, Oct 15th, 2022
  • Time: 6:00pm (doors open at 5:30pm)
  • Ridgeview High School, 4555 SW Elkhorn Dr., Redmond, OR 97756
  • Cost: Free 
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After Abortion

We realize abortion affects everyone differently and we are here to provide a safe place to talk.  Our after abortion support classes meet one-on-one or in small groups led by women who are trained and can help you identify areas of your life that have been affected by abortion. They will walk alongside you as you think about your feelings, grieve and discover healing and peace. If you are experiencing isolation, insomnia, depression, drug or alcohol abuse, have unresolved feelings or just need someone to talk with, contact us confidentially by calling or completing the form below.

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Although we are not professional counselors, our trained staff is compassionate, caring and ready to listen.  Many women tell us that they felt alone and isolated after their miscarriage with no one to talk to.  If you need a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold, we are available to listen any time.

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Infant Death

Fetal Demise, SIDS or death of an infant due to complications is an unexpected nightmare for many women and men.  The days following an infant death can put stress on the woman and often her marriage or relationship. You don’t have to walk this path alone.  We have trained consultants who will listen to you as you grieve and give you a safe place to express your feelings.  

Sometimes the smallest gift will

Help Heal the Hurt

We encourage everyone who has experienced a pregnancy loss to heal in his or her own way.  To help you on your healing journey we have a number of free resources available for you when you make an appointment to talk with a consultant.

We're Here to Listen
We are available to talk with you, and more importantly, listen as you find a safe place to express your grief.

Heart of My Heart Charm
Our free gift along with a poem written by a mom, especially for moms who have experienced miscarriage.

Always Remember
A blanket is a beautiful way to remember your child. If you need something to hold we have a free blanket for you.

Never Forget
Find a way to remember and celebrate your child every year. A soft stuffed bear, a blanket, a charm. We never forget.