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“I took a Dollar Store pregnancy test in the COCC bathroom. It looked positive, but the line was really faint and I didn’t know if I should trust it.  I looked up ‘pregnant-Bend, OR’ and the Pregnancy Resource Center came up. After I read all their services are free, I made an appointment online and they got me in the next day. I've made a lot of poor choices, this was the best choice I ever made.”

In School and Pregnant?

An unplanned pregnancy while you are a student in high school or college can be counted as one of a woman’s worst fears.  Many students would rather flunk out of school than have to deal with fall-out of an unplanned pregnancy. However, if handled well, unplanned pregnancies in school could be more of a blessing than a curse.  Here’s What You Need to Know….

Get a Real Pregnancy Test

Yes, the tests you get at the Dollar Store or grocery store work, but this is something you want to know for certain! We offer free, medical grade, urine pregnancy tests.  You pay nothing, you don’t need insurance and everything is kept confidential.  If you have missed your period and think you might be pregnant, we can help you sort it out.

Your School May Not Be the Place to Ask Questions

Your school (Middle School, High School, OSU or COCC) won’t have the resources or the training to help you.  Unplanned pregnancy is all we do.  Every day we talk with girls who are in the midst of trying to figure out what to do once she thinks she’s pregnant.  Most likely your school will encourage you to go to your doctor or to an abortion clinic to solve your problem.  We do more than that. We care about you, about your future and believe you need to have enough information to make an informed choice.

Unplanned Pregnancies Are Not The End of the World

When you are a student, the thought of having to care for a child spells the end of life as they know it.  The truth is your life is going to change, but you have control over what happens next.  Take ownership of your unplanned pregnancy and turn it into a positive life experience.  We can help answer your questions, connect you to resources and help you move forward.

Abortion Isn’t the Only Choice

The longer you wait, the more difficult your decision will be.  Despite all the help from your friends and the internet, unplanned pregnancies when you are a student still pose numerous challenges. Many women think an abortion can solve the problem instantly, without considering the long term consequences. You have other options.

Make An Appointment

The Pregnancy Resource Center is staffed by medical professionals and individuals who believe you should have accurate, reliable information about your pregnancy.  We believe you deserve to be treated with respect and armed with all the facts so that you can make informed decisions.  Our centers provide free, safe and confidential consultations with caring client advocates and nurses who are here to address your questions and concerns. We provide free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, prenatal vitamins, educational programming and much more.  Don’t wait, make an appointment online or call 541-728-3037 for a same day appointment.