Unplanned Pregnancy – Navigating the Overwhelm

“The Pregnancy Resource Center staff and volunteers offer genuine care and support of all who enter the doors no matter what the circumstance. They are not there to take away your choice but to offer accurate information on all of your options and will continue to support you whatever you decide to do with your unplanned pregnancy.” – Amanda

An unplanned pregnancy holds so much unknown, along with the sudden overwhelm of decisions to make. Uncertainty often leads to fear, apprehension, and frustration. The staff at each of our Pregnancy Resource Centers of Central Oregon are trained to provide a judgement-free and supportive space to reduce stress in order to aid our clients in making the best-informed decision for themselves. A decision motivated by fear may not reflect what a woman truly desires.

It is our mission at PRCCO to provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for all women facing unexpected pregnancy.

How does PRCCO transform one of the highest anxiety appointments into one that is supportive?

It starts with the first phone call.

Our trained volunteers are ready to take your call, and schedule an appointment that best works for you. We make a point to connect with our clients as soon as we can and make it easy to get into the office for those with busy schedules.

Our Centers are a peaceful environment. 

“I went in when I was early pregnant, a little scared and looking for support. They loved on me and gave me a free ultrasound and I can’t imagine life without my beautiful little girl. I’ll never forget their help and love.” – Lysa

We offer refreshments and snacks at each of our Centers, and have comfortably furnished consultation rooms for privacy when our clients come in to meet with a volunteer or receive an ultrasound exam.

The more you know, the more confident you will be.

“I have a lot of respect for the ladies who work at this center. They really listen and try to understand. I also like the fact that they’re accepting and willing to discuss all options. Its not easy to find people who are ok with listening and can handle the spectrum of emotions… Its worth having a conversation with the ladies at this center. They give more than just the facts, they give support. No matter what you feel or choose.” – Claire

It is the informed woman who is in the best position to make the right choice for herself. Our team of trained volunteers and medical sonographers focus on educating patients about their pregnancy and the options available to them based on how far along they are gestationally.

In the midst of the unexpected, the last thing you want is to feel judged.

Care received at the Pregnancy Resource Centers of Central Oregon is unbiased 100% of the time. All of our services are 100% free for clients (no out of pocket, no insurance and no sliding scale) thanks to our generous supporters.

This enables us to focus on you; our only interest is making sure you have what you need to make the best decision for your unique circumstance. We know an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming and stressful. We strive to promote a non-judgmental atmosphere to promote an informed and educated decision surrounding your unplanned pregnancy. You will leave our Centers having the information and the support you need to confidently wield your right to choose.