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Her First Choice was PRC – Trisha

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Her First Choice was PRC – Trisha
Her First Choice was PRC – Trisha

Trisha’s Story

I was a single, 26-year-old elementary school teacher, when my world changed forever. I found out my son was on the way. I was lost, embarrassed, confused, and scared. What will my family think? What will my colleagues think? I was in disbelief until I started showing, and knew it was true. It was happening.

Many people near and dear to my heart repeatedly reminded me that I had ‘options.’  Honestly, terminating the pregnancy was the easiest conclusion to what I thought was a mess. But deep in my heart, that was never the answer. It was never an option for me, though many offered the idea in the same way you’d offer someone a cup of coffee.

I realized I needed help and wanted to make sure nobody knew. I found the Pregnancy Resource Center when I searched online for information about unplanned pregnancies. They said their services were free and that everything would be confidential.  I made an appointment and am so glad I did.

My son, Josiah, is now three months old. God knew I needed him. He fulfills every piece of my heart and soul. He gives me drive, makes me smile, and fills me with a whole lot of love. He’s my future, and he truly makes me whole.

For anyone reading this who might be in the same situation I was, always know choosing life is possible. Even alone, it’s possible. My embarrassment turned to pride, and questions turned to answers. Fear gave way to peace. ‘What if?’ turned into ‘how could I not?’

I am so glad that the Pregnancy Resource Center was my First Choice. I felt like they listened and cared about what I was feeling and they never tried to force me into any kind of decision, but answered every question I had without judgement. They helped me find resources and encouraged me to follow my heart.  I will live life every day as the proudest mother on this earth to a little man named Josiah.”


If you are feeling pressured, don’t have anyone to talk to or just want to tell someone you are pregnant, we are here for you.  Call us first and make your first choice the right one.

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