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The Sound of Abortion

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The Sound of Abortion
The Sound of Abortion

The Sound of Abortion


Sometimes the truth is hard to hear.  At the Pregnancy Resource Center our core values are truth, compassion and hope.  It is important that as women and men come to us to in some of the most difficult and vulnerable moments of their lives, we are able to provide the answers they are seeking.  Although this 2 minute sound bite might be difficult for some to hear, the message is important.  Abortion affects many lives, families and generations.  For some women it is the most difficult choice they will ever make.  We understand and many of us have experienced the difficulty of the choice.  We are here to help walk you through your choices and understand that you do have the right to choose.


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Take two minutes and listen as metal bbs strike the side of a metal can.  One bb represents 10,000 lives.