Motherhood is… hard and beautiful

Ask any mother and they will tell you that motherhood is not easy.

Ask any mother and they will tell you that motherhood is not easy. It is messy, challenging, sleepless, crazy and beautiful.  At the Pregnancy Resource Center we believe it is important to truthfully discuss all options with everyone who has a positive pregnancy test.  When girls are in our office and are pregnant they have three (and only three) options in front of them.

  1. Choose to keep the baby and become a parent
  2. Choose adoption
  3. Choose to have an abortion

It’s not unusual for us to spend time talking about the pros and cons of each option.  We do this because it’s important for girls to understand their options and have the right to make an informed choice.

Yes, becoming a parent is hard especially when the pregnancy was not planned or when the father of the baby may (or may not) be in the picture.  Finances are challenging. Housing is challenging. Your body changes and your hormones are crazy. Life as you once knew it might no longer exist.  When a girl decides to become a mother, she puts herself aside and decides to focus her life on a child.  But that doesn’t mean she gives up her dreams, it just means they may need to be set aside for awhile.

Diapers are messy, bills are challenging, there will be sleepless nights, your life may feel a little crazy, but becoming a mother can be the most beautiful experience you will ever have.