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Katies Story

Katies Story
Katies Story

Katies Story

I was living with my boyfriend, working a part time job, and had just graduated high school when I found out I was pregnant. I had all the tell-tale pregnancy symptoms, and wasn’t surprised when my at-home test confirmed that I was going to have a baby. At first, I was so excited. I stared at that positive test wondering if I was going to have a little boy or a little girl, what would I name it, how excited my boyfriend would be. If it was a boy, I could buy him a baseball hat like his fathers, or if it was a girl we could wear matching dresses.

My heart sank as reality set in, I barely made enough money to feed myself, how was I going to provide for a baby? I pushed the thought aside as I tried to remain hopeful and excited for this new baby. But that lingering thought remained, I was 18, financially unstable, and didn’t even have money to buy diapers for my baby. When I told my boyfriend the news, he was so excited, but shared my concern for how we could provide for the baby before we could save up enough money.

We searched online for any place that could help us, and that’s when we found PRCCO. We saw that they offered a program called Learn2Earn that helps women and parents get baby clothes and supplies for free! Learn2Earn is a series of videos, worksheets and books that teaches you about the stages of pregnancy, birth and parenting. With the credits you earn by completing the lessons, you can then ‘purchase’ baby supplies like clothes, diapers, blankets and formula.

Not only did my boyfriend and I learn valuable information about pregnancy and parenthood, we also were able to get enough supplies to provide for our baby.

Thank you PRCCO!

Find out more about Learn2Earn

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