Felicity – I wanted the baby, but he didn’t

The first words out of her mouth were "I'm sorry".

He never hit her, but his words made her feel like trash.

Felicity walked through the doors of the Pregnancy Resource Center with a deep ache in her heart.  She sat down in a consultation room and her eyes met Jane’s (not her real name), the consultant she had met with a few months ago.  The first thing out of Felicity’s mouth were the words “I’m sorry,” followed by a rush of tears.  Jane and Felicity had met a few months ago when Felicity came in for a Pregnancy test.  At that time the test was negative and Jane talked to her about her relationship.

Felicity had shared that her boyfriend often got angry with her because she didn’t have a job and couldn’t help pay for anything.  He never hit her, but his words made her feel unworthy and “like trash”.  She tried finding work but didn’t have reliable transportation.  Shortly after she got a job it seemed like she was fired because she was late for work or didn’t show up on time. Her boyfriend kept her around because they slept together.  So with tears in her eyes, she was sitting in front of Jane again saying, “I think I’m pregnant.

The test came back positive and she and Jane talked out what the future looked like.  Felicity wanted the baby, but didn’t want to stay with her boyfriend.  After a few phone calls Jane was able to find a safe place for Felicity to relocate. She now has a roof over her head and she and her baby have a bright future. She continues to search for a job and has learned how to care for her baby and prepare for delivery through our Learn2Earn program.

Because Felicity was treated with kindness and compassion, she came back to PRCCO. What could have been labeled a “crisis pregnancy” was simply an unplanned pregnancy that resulted in a changed life.


You do not have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone.  Our staff is here to help you find hope and help. Make an appointment.