Every Woman Must Be Brave – Pregnancy

Bravery can’t be taught, it must be learned.

Am I brave enough?

There is something inside every woman (young or old), some spark that allows them to bring a baby into this world. Women don’t enter motherhood unprepared. Sure, some pregnancies are not planned, but at some moment most women have the opportunity to plan and prepare for motherhood.  Birth, sleepless nights, breastfeeding, diapers, spit up and the endless sense of exhaustion are just the beginning of what makes a woman brave.

You are brave enough.  You are wise enough.  If there is ever a day when you can’t pull it all together, we are here for you.  The Pregnancy Resource Center cares for each of our clients from the moment they realize they are pregnant, until they no longer need our services.  Many girls have supportive friends and families while other girls are facing this journey alone.  Our trained staff are here to hold babies, feed babies and even show moms how to change a diaper. We don’t claim to be the experts in these areas, but many of us have lived through the journey of raising children and even grandchildren.  We join you in being brave. We have been there and we survived.  Our efforts were not perfect and we anticipate you will not be perfect either.  But we learn to be brave as we journey together. We learn to share our feelings and our struggles and from there we grow and become better moms.

Bravery can’t be taught, it must be learned. As you venture on this journey may you be brave enough to celebrate the victories and to overcome the struggles.  Bravery is a gift earned through hard work and determination.

BE BRAVE! We are cheering for you!

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