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Meet the Staff

PRC is the cry of my heart. I love serving in this ministry!


Executive Director

If you have questions about who we are and what we do, give me a call!


Operations Specialist

I'm here to help you get connected at PRC - Donations, Events, Social Media, Videos, Photography. We are better together!


Advancement Specialist

We are open and ready to serve you.


Bend Manager

I enjoy helping each individual through their unique situation and discussing what their future may look like. Please come in and see me. I would love to hear your story and how we can best help you.


Redmond Nurse, RN

Please stop by the center, I would love to meet you!


Prineville Manger

After many years of doing ultrasounds at PRC I still get excited to meet each new person. I hope I will get to do your ultrasound!


Redmond/Bend Nurse, RN

It's so amazing to discover how far along you are. I really enjoy answering questions on what you are seeing in the ultrasound. It's great when family members come too.


Redmond Nurse, RN

I have always appreciated the warm and caring atmosphere that PRC is all about and so look forward to seeing you for your ultrasound.


Prineville/Madras Nurse, RN