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Pregnant? We can help.

Meet the Staff

I enjoy helping each individual through their unique situation and discussing what their future may look like. Please come in and see me. I would love to hear your story and how we can best help you.


Redmond Director

Stop by, have a cup of coffee, let's chat.


Director of Centers

The first step is the hardest. I'm here to listen, answer questions or just try to help you figure things out. We all go through tough times and it's nice to have someone to talk to.


Bend Director

Please stop by the center, I would love to meet you!


Prineville Director

I love working in Madras and can't wait to connect with you!


Madras Director

I love what I do! It's so exciting to give date confirmations and answer all of your questions.


Nurse Manager, RN

After many years of doing ultrasounds at PRC I still get excited to meet each new person. I hope I will get to do your ultrasound!


Redmond/Bend Nurse, RN

It's so amazing to discover how far along you are. I really enjoy answering questions on what you are seeing in the ultrasound. It's great when family members come too.


Redmond Nurse, RN

I have always appreciated the warm and caring atmosphere that PRC is all about and so look forward to seeing you for your ultrasound.


Prineville/Madras Nurse, RN