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    Life is not always easy

    You have a choiceYou have a choice in every situation. When facing an unplanned pregnancy we are here to talk through your options.Learn More
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    Unplanned? Not Sure?

    Let us help you get some perspective.We are here to talk about the tough questions - Abortion, Adoption or Keeping a Baby. We'll give you honest answers.Learn More
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    There is hope

    You don't have to do this aloneWe are here when you're facing big decisions. We talk about unplanned pregnancies every day. Let us help.Learn More
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    Pregnant? You are not alone.

    We are here for you.Get the facts. Confirm you are pregnant with a free, reliable pregnancy test and ultrasound. Determine the best choice for you.Learn More

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Find out today! Make an appointment for a free medical grade urine pregnancy test to confirm if you’re pregnant.

We will answer your questions and provide you with factual information regarding an abortion and all of your options.

We don’t want your money! In fact all of our services are free.  Find out more about how we can help.

“I can’t afford a baby.”
“I can’t tell my parents.”
“I’m still in school.”
“I don’t have insurance.”
“I need help.”Get a free consultation today.

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