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Pregnant? We can help.
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    Pregnant? You are not alone.

    We are here for you.Get the facts. Confirm you are pregnant with a free, reliable pregnancy test and ultrasound. Determine the best choice for you.Learn More
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    You have choices

    know the factsUnderstand the risks.Learn More

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How can I know I’m pregnant?

Our staff will assist you with a medical grade urine based pregnancy test and information on how to get a free ultrasound.

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What’s the best choice for me?

The decision you are about to make will change your life. Get factual information on all of your pregnancy options.

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How can you help me?

We give honest answers in a non-judgemental compassionate environment. We don’t make a profit from your decision.

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“I can’t afford a baby.”
“I can’t tell my parents.”
“I’m still in school.”
“I don’t have insurance.”
“I can’t give up 9 months of my life.”
“I need help.”
Don’t worry, we can help you.
Get a free consultation today.

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**Pregnancy Test or Pre-Ultrasound Consultation is required before scheduling Ultrasound Appointment
*** Ultrasound appointment day/time may be determined during your visit, please note that the Pre-Ultrasound consultation does not guarantee an ultrasound appointment.



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