What Are the Risks of Ordering the Abortion Pill Online?

What Are the Risks of Ordering the Abortion Pill Online?

Many women don’t receive proper care and consultation before taking the abortion pill, which can cause serious harm. Taking the proper precautions and knowing the risks and complications ahead of time, just as you would before taking another medication, is essential. Some risks include:

  • Adverse medication interactions
  • Health complications if you don’t qualify for the abortion pill
  • Mistrust in the pharmaceutical system  

Why Should I Speak With a Medical Professional First?

Speaking to a medical professional you trust is essential to know if the abortion pill is right for you. The Mayo Clinic lists several conditions that do not qualify a woman to use the abortion pill. Some of those include:

  • Are too far along in your pregnancy
  • Have an (IUD) 
  • Have a suspected ectopic pregnancy
  • Have certain medical conditions.
  • Take certain medicines
  • Can’t receive follow-up or emergency care
  • Have an allergy to the medications used

Additionally, there are over 200 medications not recommended to use with Mifepristone (one of the two drugs used in the abortion pill method). Some of these include antibiotics and anti-anxiety medications.

Knowing if the abortion pill drugs adversely interact with your current medications is vital to protect your health.

Why Does It Matter Where I Order the Drugs?

Many women want to know the pharmacy their medications come from and that they are checked for accuracy by a qualified pharmacist. Women may question the pharmaceutical standards in the drug’s country of origin and if it meets necessary safety guidelines.

The FDA states, “Medicine bought over the Internet from foreign sources, from storefront businesses that offer to buy foreign medicine for you, or during trips outside the United States, may not be safe or effective.”

Often, women who seek drugs from outside the country do not know who is behind their medication prescription. It is essential to know where medications (especially medications to be ingested) come from and that they are from a reputable source.

Who Can I Speak With To Get More Information?

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