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Vitamins and Breastfeeding

Helping to fill in the gaps.

Providing nutrition for your baby

After birth, a mom’s breast milk provides all the nutrition necessary to keep her baby growing strong. We realize that new moms have many things that fill their time and often take their energy away from providing adequate nutrition for themselves. Some moms can’t even afford to purchase food for themselves and therefore put their health at risk when breastfeeding. Vitamins are important and aid moms in producing plentiful and nutritious breast milk.

When women are lactating they need more nutritious food to meet their daily nutritional needs.  Prenatal vitamins, taken after the baby is born continue to proved the vitamins and minerals moms so desperately need.  Lactating moms need folate since it is excreted in breast milk.  Moms need extra supplies so that her body does not began to utilize her stores and cause her to be deficient. Ideally a diet rich in calcium, balanced nutrition, vitamins, minerals and exercise are what a mom needs to sustain her after giving birth.  A prenatal vitamin will help fill in the gaps that a woman may have in her diet.]


When taking any supplement, it is important to talk with and be under the care of a physician through pregnancy and afterwards.