Leslie – Her First Choice

Make us your First Choice and receive the help you need.

Honest, compassionate, caring and free

Leslie is like so many other girls we see each day.  She woke up one morning not feeling well.  Her stomach was “off” and she just couldn’t shake the feeling of being tired.  A few days passed and she thought she might be starting her period.  She waited, and her period never came. For a moment, Leslie had a fleeting thought that she might be pregnant.  As more time passed, the thought began to grow and she began to panic.  Without telling anyone she bought a pregnancy test at her local Dollar store and did the test at home.  Waiting was the hardest part, but sure enough she saw a faint line…. Pregnant.  Fear turned to tears and tears turned to panic.  She typed “I’m Pregnant, Bend Oregon” into her phone and saw the listing for the Pregnancy Resource Center.

Honest … Compassionate … Caring … Free … Confidential.  Those were the only words she needed to read and she made her appointment online and came in the next day.

We were Leslie’s “First Choice”.  Because she was able to confirm her pregnancy and receive the support and encouragement she needed, Leslie chose to become a parent. She had access to resources that allowed her to see the possibility of a future where she found support, education, supplies and many of the things she needed to begin life with a new baby.

Allow us to be your First Choice.


We realize facing an unplanned pregnancy is hard. The truth is, we talk to girls every day who are in this exact situation.  Nothing you say will surprise us.  We are here to support you in whatever way we are able.  Don’t wait.  Make an appointment for a free pregnancy test and we can begin talking about your future.