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Karen’s Story

Karen’s Story
Karen’s Story

Karen’s Story

“I’ve been pregnant five times. The first time I was young and was so afraid. The second and third time I was married and so happy to hear the news. The third time I was happy too, but my joy turned to sorrow when I miscarried. Now I am 43, still married and this baby was unplanned. My kids are already in high school and I really don’t want to raise another child. I am too old to be a mom. What do I do?”


Karen was honest with her feelings. She was pregnant at 43 and honestly didn’t want to have another baby.


It’s surprising the number of women who walk into PRCCO with the same story. A few concerning symptoms and then a pregnancy test reveals the truth. For some women this is the first time they think about not wanting a child. The struggle and emotions run so deep they are left feeling nothing but guilt. How could they not want a child? Are they being selfish for not wanting to raise a baby all over again?


There is no easy answer. We often advise our clients to think, pray and give themselves permission to experience the wide range of emotions. We encourage an ultrasound and 9 times out of 10, when they come back and see their baby moving and its heart beating, they can’t help but fall in love with this new life.


The power of an ultrasound is amazing! A peek inside the window of the womb gives women and others the ability to see that there is life.


Karen, after lots of tears, decided to become a mom again. “The thought seemed daunting at first, but then I realized that I had been given the opportunity to do this again. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I had done it before and this time would really appreciate all the moments of this baby’s life. I know how fast the time goes by. I am so thankful that the Pregnancy Resource Center was available for me. I had heard about their services, but never thought in a million years that I would need to visit them for a Pregnancy Test. I am so glad I did.”


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