Jaclyn – How Will I Provide for my Baby?

Jaclyn asked herself, “How am I ever going to provide for my child?”

I was hopeless and heartbroken

When Jaclyn first found out she was pregnant, she felt completely helpless.   Her boyfriend had left her, and she was feeling alone and heartbroken.   She did not know how she would ever recover from the relationship or how she would become a good mother to her child.   Feeling hopeless, she turned to the Pregnancy Resource Center for help. “I signed up for the Learn 2 Earn Program and it helped me far beyond what I could have ever expected. During the classes, I gained confidence in my parenting skills and got a crib with the “parenting points” I earned from attending the classes.


If you want to learn more or brush up on your parenting skills, give us a call.  Complete the entire program or simply view the modules that interest you.  Either way you earn “Parenting Points” and can shop in our boutique.