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Her Choice

Her Choice
Her Choice

Is it really her choice?

Too often in today’s media the message of female empowerment makes men feel like their opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to pregnancy.  The “her body, her choice” message has negatively impacted a generation of men who now think they have no voice when they face an unplanned pregnancy. Too often when a woman is pregnant, the father of the baby is silenced.

We can all agree that “it takes two to tango.” If pregnancy is the result of a man and a woman coming together to make a baby, why is it when a woman finds out she’s pregnant, it becomes her decision alone? Didn’t they both play a part?  The truth is, both the man and the woman should have input into the decisions regarding the life of a child.

Silence is far from what a woman needs when she finds out she is unexpectedly pregnant. Whether they verbally express it or not, a woman wants a man to have an educated opinion about an unplanned pregnancy.  Just saying “it’s your choice” is not a woman’s preferred answer. We encourage men to educate themselves on all the possible options and then talk about the pro’s and cons of each with the mother of the baby.

Don’t buy into the lie that it’s her choice alone

You have a voice and you have a choice. The decisions surrounding an unplanned pregnancy should never be rushed and should always be made together.

The Pregnancy Resource Center is here to talk you through your decision and to answer your questions. We can talk with your girlfriend alone, we can talk with you alone and we can talk with you both together.

Our Fatherhood Coaching Program can provide you with a mentor to ask the tough questions and to be coached through what has proven to be one of the most difficult times in life. Unplanned pregnancy effects men as much as it does a woman. Don’t be silent.

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