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We are here for you!

During times of social isolation people will find ‘something’ to do. That something often results in unplanned pregnancy.  If you think you might be pregnant or have missed your period, we are here for you and all of our services are FREE and 100% confidential.

We have modified our operating procedures during the COVID pandemic, but can still fully serve you offering consulting, pregnancy testing and ultrasounds.  If you think you might be pregnant, call or make an appointment online

A Center Manager will answer the phone or contact you shortly.  If you leave a message, please provide your preferred method to be contacted and if they can leave a message.  We understand that some situations need to be kept confidential.

In most cases you will be offered a Virtual Consultation and our Manager will explain procedure and criteria for Pregnancy Testing and Ultrasounds.

You are not alone.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can help you sort through your decisions.