Unplanned Pregnancies Deserve Compassion

We can't solve all of life’s problems in 45 minutes, but we can help.

We understand what you’re going through

When we say we care … we really care

When we say we understand … we understand

Let me describe a few of our staff and volunteers in their own words…
  • … I had a pregnancy scare at 18, I never told anyone
  • … I had 3 abortions
  • … I placed my baby up for adoption
  • … I miscarried 4 times
  • … It was a one-night stand and I got pregnant
  • … I didn’t know who the father of my baby was
  • … I got pregnant before I was married

Moments like these can rip the fabric of our lives and leave us feeling devastated.  So when we say we offer compassionate service to our clients, we don’t use those words lightly. Many of our staff and volunteers give of their time to serve at our centers because they want to be there when our clients are hurting, scared, unsure, confused, happy or anxious.

We realize that we can’t solve all of life’s problems in 45 minutes, but we can listen.  We can be the voice of reason and wisdom when you can’t seem to find a reason to hope.  Our consultants are trained to ask questions that allow you to think through your options and to help you see that being pregnant does not mean the end of the world. Many of us have made it through situations similar to what you are facing now and want to be there to walk with you as you navigate this new territory.


If you think you are pregnant and want someone to talk to, we can help you. We will provide free pregnancy testing, vitamins and an ultrasound (if you qualify). Don’t be afraid to ask for help, call right now.