Brandon – Discouraged and Scared

Brandon was 16, when his girlfriend told him she might be pregnant.

Brandon was a high school junior, only 16, when his girlfriend told him she might be pregnant.

Brandon was a high school junior, only 16, when his girlfriend Samantha told him she might be pregnant. He was trying to be supportive and came with her to her appointment. They sat together, holding hands, fearfully waiting for the results of the pregnancy test.

As they waited, their consultant talked with them about their options and their relationship.  Both had grown up in good families, and they both were the oldest of three siblings.  Samantha was nervous about the example she would be setting for her brother and sister.  Brandon was more concerned about his future. He teared up thinking about how this could change his plans for his career. He was already filling out college applications and had plans to be an engineer.

If Samantha was pregnant, how he was going to make it all work?  They had only been dating a few months and had never talked about a future together. He wanted to go away for college and never thought about having a baby so soon.  Brandon was discouraged, scared and had lost hope.

They both agreed that if she was pregnant that they would make the decision to become parents. Neither of them believed abortion was the answer and didn’t want to place the baby for adoption.  They would make it work.  Brandon was scared to tell his parents and felt like he had no one to talk to.

The test came back… it was negative.

They both breathed a sign of heavy relief and smiles appeared on their faces. A year ago, Pregnancy Resource Center didn’t have resources to help Brandon through his personal decision. But today our Fatherhood Coaching Program is gaining momentum. As young men face unplanned pregnancy we have male coaches available for them to talk with.  They can ask the tough questions and be mentored though the difficult decisions.

Knowing that I wasn’t alone and that I had someone who knew what I was facing made a difference. I don’t think I would be looking forward to being a father without the help of my coach.” – Brandon

  • If you find out your girlfriend is pregnant and are not sure how to handle the situation, give us a call.
  • If your girlfriend is pregnant and you are not being given the opportunity to express your opinion, make an appointment.
  • Our Fatherhood Coaches are available to walk you through the days, weeks and months following a positive pregnancy test.