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Baby Bottle Fundraiser

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The Pregnancy Resource Centers of Central Oregon (PRCCO) would like to invite you to participate in our annual Baby Bottle Fundraiser. This unique event allows us to raise awareness about the impact of life change happening at PRCCO while extending our reach through financial support. The Virtual Baby Bottle Drive directly benefits PRCCO and helps us to raise the necessary funds to continue to offer our Center as a place of hope, truth and compassion.


If you don’t carry around change or don’t have access to a baby bottle, we have one for you!  You can contribute by filling a virtual bottle. Choose how you would like to give below


Confirm Life


Your donation of $25 will help to provide pregnancy testing for every woman who is looking for an answer.

See Life


A gift of $100 will allow a woman to see the life of her child for the first time. It’s a gift she will never forget!

Change a Life


A donation of $250 will allow us to  continue offering all of our services for free in our community.

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