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Ashley’s Story

Ashley’s Story
Ashley’s Story

Ashley – Young and Confused

I just celebrated my 15th birthday when I found out I was pregnant.  My boyfriend was older than I was and we weren’t getting along most of the time.  I thought maybe if I got pregnant, he would be nicer to me and we would stay together.  Sadly, things didn’t work out the way I thought.  I had the baby when I was 15 and my mom was by my side.  I didn’t know how I would feel about leaving my baby with his adoptive parents.  They were so nice and supported me during my pregnancy, but I was afraid that I might change my mind.  My mom held me and told me it would be ok.  I was sad, but knew I had made the right choice.

Thinking back I remember when I went to the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) they talked with me about my options.  I was young and confused.  I had heard about abortion, but was scared.  I thought I wanted to have the baby and then my life with my boyfriend would be perfect.  I didn’t know much about adoption, yet once I listened and then began to discuss things with my parents, the decision became easier.

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I remember feeling sad, angry and even depressed.  I will never forget how surprised I was that my consultant from PRC called me a few days after my appoinment.  She asked if I had any questions and if I had made a decision about the pregnancy.  It was nice to have someone to talk with and I actually went back to the PRC with my mom to find out more about adoption.

Pregnancy Resource Center was the place that helped me the most.  I was so young and they didn’t judge me or make me feel bad.  They listened and helped me understand the really big decision I was facing.  I remember leaving that first day feeling like I had hope.




We realize facing an unplanned pregnancy is hard. The truth is, we talk to girls every day who are in this exact situation.  Nothing you say will surprise us.  We are here to support you in whatever way we are able.  Don’t wait.  Make an appointment for a free pregnancy test and we can start helping you make a plan. 


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