Angela – My Adoption Story

An open adoption can change your life.

Adoption is not what you think it is.

Angela and Ryan were married for 5 years and decided to try to have a baby.  After a year of no success, they went to see the doctor and ultimately left with the diagnosis of unexplained infertility. They partnered with an adoption agency and began the process of an open adoption. After several “match meetings” they were chosen by Emma to be the parents of her child.

They spent 3 months together talking about what the adoption and their new relationship might look like.  Emma gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Josiah.

4 years later, adoptive mom Angela wants you to know that “Adoption is not often what you think it is.  An open adoption can change your life as the mother of a baby.”

Listen as Angela explains her journey as an adoptive parent.

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Adoption is a beautiful gift and a great option for any unplanned pregnancy. We understand it is not an easy decision and we provided a safe place where you can explore this option. The Pregnancy Resource Center can help connect you with local adoption agencies and answer questions you might have about adoption.