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Amelia’s Story

Amelia’s Story
Amelia’s Story

Amelias Story

“At the age of 18, I came to the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) scared and pregnant.   I considered all three options of adoption, abortion, and parenting.  After talking to the consultants, I decided to carry my baby and parent with my boyfriend.  My relationship with the baby’s father failed, though, and it left me heartbroken and feeling like a failure.  I came back to PRC and received support and encouragement.  About a year later I began a new relationship with a man who accepted me just as I was, and he loved my boys as their own father.   We got married and now have a baby girl together.  The Pregnancy Resource Center was there to support me when I was having trouble knowing what to do.  They didn’t pressure me or make me choose to keep my baby.  They simply discussed all my options, told me about services that could help me in my community and then gave me the time and space I needed to think.  I couldn’t have done it without them.


We realize facing an unplanned pregnancy is hard. The truth is, we talk to girls every day who are in this exact situation.  Nothing you say will surprise us.  We are here to support you in whatever way we are able.  Don’t wait.  Make an appointment for a free pregnancy test and we can start helping you make a plan. 

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