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Help After Abortion

Have You Had An Abortion?


Need a safe place to Talk-It-Out?


Everyone experiences abortion differently, but the truth is, we all need support.

Call/Text: 541-203-7700 or email


Connect as an individual or in a group

We provide one-on-one opportunities to discuss your feelings or you can join a class.  We realize that abortion affects everyone differently and are here to provide a safe place to talk.  Our after abortion support classes are small groups led by women who are trained and can help you identify areas of our life that have been affected or are being affected by abortion. They will walk alongside you as you think about your feelings, grieve and discover healing and peace. The groups use Bible study materials designed specifically to address after abortion feelings. If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, have unresolved feelings or just need someone to talk with, contact us confidentially by calling or completing the form below.

  • Feeling emotionally empty
  • Have an increased tendency toward anger or rage
  • Have feelings of loneliness or isolation
  • Experiencing a loss of self-confidence
  • Having insomnia or nightmares
  • Finding it difficult to establish secure relationships
  • Experiencing drug, alcohol or an eating disorder


    Classes are forming in your local community with individual and group forums available.

    After Abortion

    Immediately after an abortion women experience many feelings, some feel relief to have the situation over and their life return to normal while others feel significant regret. Weeks, months or even years after an abortion women may have feelings that surface and could suffer from Post Abortion Trauma. Abortion is the only elective surgery with a post-traumatic side effect associated with it, you can learn more about some of the effects by reading this blog.

    If anyone presents any of your options as easy, cheap and quick be cautious! Parenting, adoption and abortion are all big decisions with different implications. Don’t rush your decision. Start with a deep breath, now make an appointment to confirm you’re actually pregnant with a medical grade pregnancy test.