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After Abortion

After Abortion

Immediately after an abortion women experience many feelings, some feel relief to have the situation over and their life return to normal while others feel significant regret. Weeks or years after an abortion women may have feelings that surface and could suffer from Post Abortion Trauma. Abortion is the only elective surgery with a post-traumatic side effect associated with it, you can learn more about some of the effects and about the Hearts of Hope program with this blog.  If you are experiencing feelings after an abortion that you would like to talk to someone about you can email our confidential hotline and we will give you a call back.

Proceed with Caution

If anyone presents any of your options as easy, cheap and quick be cautious! Parenting, adoption and abortion are all big decisions with different implications. Don’t rush your decision. Start with a deep breath, now make an appointment to confirm you’re actually pregnant with a medical grade pregnancy test.